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"I created a way to help the world, contributing to local communities and their land. 

Bambwood offers bambou products that bring a positive impact thanks to contribution."
Axel Clavier

Our Mission

The social mission and main goal of Bambwood is to help people in need around the world. Bali, and Indonesia have offered me so much that I want to give back.

This is why the project begins in Bali: this island offered me so much, that I wanted to give it back to its wonderful people and their beautiful land.

Our major commitment is to offer FAIR and RIGHT working environment. Therefor, our products are handcrafted by local producers and made from sustainable material.

A simple, yet efficient and respectful way to create value for all of us. 

Directly from the local producers to you, and back.

Our Values



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Your Impact

Contribution to Bali

Bali is the place where Bambwood started. Therefore we have decided to help the Island of the Gods and its people by donating to trusted fundraisers: The People Must Makan (Makan = Eat in Indonesian) et Bali Life Foundation

Our commitment is to redistribute part of our revenus to these associations who work together to help feeding locals of Bali heavily impacted by the crisis.

Preserve Kalimantan
and its rainforest

Kalimantan is part of the Borneo Island, that hosts one of the biggest rainforest on the planet. Unfortunately, the rainforest is being threatened.

Vividkalimantan is a for profit organisation that aims to save the rainforest by socially investing, and locally developing these land in agreement with the government. They protect the rainforest by stopping all non-sustainable development.

We decided to support them by redistributing parts of our revenus.

Logo Vivid Kalimantan
Contribution to local industries

As a Social Business, it is the beneficiaries and the help given to them that motivate us.

Our commitment as a company is also to provide support to local industries. All our suppliers are locals from Indonesia who live off their know-how. They are therefore part of our beneficiaries.

A Short story: The first order for bamboo straws that BAMBWOOD placed with its supplier was a revelation. This order allowed the supplier's son to go to school for 1 year! What an emotion when we realized that our impact was greater than what we imagined!

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The Solutions


Simple, efficient and cool!

The pack includes:

  • 5 bamboo straws, 
  • 1 brush (coconut or sisal)
  • 1 white cotton pouch (Belacu).

Product details : 18 to 22 cm x 9 mm | 100% natural | Reusable and washable | Naturally antiseptic

OPTION : It is possible to engrave and print your company logo on it. 


The pandas say YES!

The pack includes:

  • 3 bamboo straws,
  • 1 natural brush (coconut or sisal)
  • 1 cutlery set
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1100 cotton buds

Product details : 18 to 22 cm x 9 mm | 100% natural | Reusable and washable | Naturally antiseptic

OPTION : It is possible to engrave and print your company logo on it. 


The pandas say YES!

The pack includes:

  • 1 t-shirt (different sizes and colors available),
  • 1 Straw Set (offered for each purchased t-shirt)

Product details : 60% bamboo fibers and 40% cotton | Washable in washing machine (cold temperature) | Softer than cotton t-shirts | Let your skin breath more, more hygienic

OPTION : It is possible to print your company logo on it

If you wish to know more about how we could work together towards a better world, you can contact us. 

We would love to discuss a way to communicate your values to the world.

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